Cross Over Conduit Clamp

This useful EMT Conduit clamp allows you to intersect two pieces of 3/4" or 1" EMT Conduit and secure them together. It is a great solution for builders who need to reinforce a project with continuous runs of pipe. You only need one tool to assemble this clamp and strengthen your DIY pipe build!

Cross Over Clamp Overview

Customer Reviews

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Yunhe C. (CA)
High quality strong parts

Received and used these parts in a few days ago, everything are OK, it is strong and firmly fixed 3/4 coduit.

Mark A. (NC)

The service and quality of these products are amazing!!! I honestly have not stopped building since I received my box of pieces and parts!! I love to build better mouse traps and this has taken to a new level!!!! Did I mention service is amazing!!!!! Thanks and keep it up!!

Edward S.E.S. (FL)

I do an animated Christmas light show, and many of the props and matrices require frames and stabilization. Having access to the quality and versatility of Makerpipe products has made setting up my display so much easier, sturdier and dependable.

I'm thankful for being introduced to this company when I started this hobby a handful of years ago, as it has enabled me to grow the show exponentially, knowing there is a Makerpipe solution for almost any set up I have.

Not having to configure a work around from stuff at a big box retailer, has saved me countless hours and headaches. Thank you for being a critical element in my lighting endeavors!


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