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The Maker Bundle includes 48 T Connectors which makes it an incredible value to the builder. The T connector is designed to fit inexpensive ¾ or 1 inch EMT conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store. The 3/4 inch T can also be adapted to 1/2" EMT Conduit with some of our inexpensive adapter shims. Buy the shims separately or get them included with the 1/2" variant below. With this amount of T connectors in your arsenal you can build almost anything. Use them to create anything from simple tables to elaborate storage solutions. Order the Maker Bundle and pick up some conduit to get started on your DIY project!

*Hardware is included with each connector

Example Builds:  Bike Cart & Homebrew Station

EMT Conduit Size

T Connector Overview




The T connector consists of two mirrored pieces that interlock together with a puzzle piece design. The two pieces clamp together with one nut and bolt. The pocket feature locks the nut into place when tightening, this makes for an easy one tool assembly no matter which side the nut is on. Every connector comes with a pre applied friction band that makes connections even more secure.

T Connector Dimensions

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T Connector as an elbow

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Richard W. (VA)
Uses of Maker Pipe are only Limited by your Imagination

I had been planning to use Maker Pipe to build a Dahlia cage last year but never got to it. This year, the predator pressure on our meat chickens got so bad that I had to build an iron clad chicken tractor with angle iron and chain link. It kept them from going through but then a clever fox burrowed under and the results were the same, chicken reduction. So we decided to build easy to move panels to keep the coyotes and foxes out. I purchased a Maker Bundle in 1" and approximately 15 sticks of 1" EMT from the local Home Depot. Maker pipe is very easy to use and adjust as you work through a project. Panels are 2' x 10' and 2' x 14'. I ended up setting critical pieces with set screws (3/4" self tapping) and it is very sturdy. The layout is shown in the pics and all 4 panels will be hinged for pick up and moving once I receive more hinge material. The chicken tractor has to be moved every two days. I have video evidence of disappointed foxes now trying to get to chickens after installing the panels. One suggestion to those planning projects-I use a 1/4" ratchet with a 5mm 4" driver and a speed bit in my small drill. You really need both, one for assembly, one for final tightening so you don't strip threads on the bolts. Customer service is excellent.

Gerald H. (AZ)
Great product

Well engineered product, great customer service. Easy order, fast delivery.

glenn c. (TX)
Impressive connectors

I was needing to keep the city deer from jumping my front fence and eating our garden crops. After a short internet search for some emt tee connectors i found maker pipe. They had exactly what I was looking for. Seemed a little high in price when i ordered, but I needed to keep the deer out. I figured these would be like the cheap big box store connectors. I was absolutely wrong about that. These connectors are very robust and once tight the pipe is not coming apart. I will be ordering again. I never received a tracking number and after a week I called. I talked directly to the owner and he found my Shipment fast. Usps never updated the tracking but my order shipped they day they said and was at my house on time. Thanks again for a great product.

Andrew P. (BC)
Strong and fast

I have found the t-connectors to be strong and fast to install. A little fiddly to get set at first but I soon got the hang of it. A huge improvement over pipe fittings and welding.