Maker Bundle

The Maker Bundle includes 48 T Connectors which makes it an incredible value to the builder. The T connector is designed to fit inexpensive ¾ or 1 inch EMT conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store. The 3/4 inch T can also be adapted to 1/2" EMT Conduit with some of our inexpensive adapter shims. Buy the shims separately or get them included with the 1/2" variant below. With this amount of T connectors in your arsenal you can build almost anything. Use them to create anything from simple tables to elaborate storage solutions. Order the Maker Bundle and pick up some conduit to get started on your DIY project!

*Hardware is included with each connector

Example Builds:  Bike Cart & Homebrew Station

EMT Conduit Size

T Connector Overview




The T connector consists of two mirrored pieces that interlock together with a puzzle piece design. The two pieces clamp together with one nut and bolt. The pocket feature locks the nut into place when tightening, this makes for an easy one tool assembly no matter which side the nut is on. Every connector comes with a pre applied friction band that makes connections even more secure.

T Connector Dimensions

Made in Ameria

T Connector as an elbow

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William H. (TX)
Amazing product, sky's the limit

You can build almost anything with this. It's amazing to be able to quickly prototype or make things work in a pinch. The more you do, the more you can find new innovations and solutions. If you're creative and like fast iteration and design, this is the kit for you. Feels like a kid when you get a builder's set of something.

Rocky H. (TX)
Saved me $1,500

I was considering using an extruded aluminum solution to build a frame for my plastic resin dryer to feed into an injection molding machine. One of my engineers told me about maker pipe and I immediately saw this as an excellent solution to my needs. The materials came in and I assembled the frame. It looks amazing, it's strong and it saved me $1,500. How can it get better than that?

David C. (SK)

Amazing product with infinite possibilites

Jeff W. (OK)
terrific product/art studio build

I absolutely loved your product and found it exceptionally easy to use. The pipe cutter and allen wrench worked well, the assembly process is very straight forward and the build turned out beautiful! Your customer service was fantastic and the product arrived in a timely way. The build also went together quite quickly, and I appreciate knowing that if I need to relocate again I can disassemble and reassemble easily.

I am an architect and painter by background. I recently rented a new painting studio where I was not allowed to paint the walls or put many holes in the walls. I needed a way to brighten the light levels of the space as well as have a flexible way to display my paintings. I had seen a similar display system at Plein Air Easton, one of the top painting events in the country, and when I began thinking through how to design and build something I started exploring online where I found your system (which I think they used in Easton as well). Here are a few photos of the space during and after the build. The conduit frame only attaches to the wall in a few places. My wife sewed the fabric slings. I still plan to add lighting along the top rail to further enhance the light levels as well as to highlight the artwork.