Shrink Wrap

Give your custom Maker Pipe project a pop of color and personality with shrink wrap. Our shrink wraps are made with a UV Stable Formula, which protects your pipe project from sun and weather damage.  Pick the color that best matches your project.  The shrink wrap is easy to apply with a standard heat gun. If you are using connectors over a shrink wrapped portion of the pipe be sure to remove your friction bands from your connectors and save them for a build using raw pipe.  Works best with 3/4" EMT conduit.

*Sold in 10' lengths

Fits 1/2" and 3/4" EMT Conduit


Shrink Wrap Overview


  • Easy to apply with a standard heat gun
  • Adds a personal touch to your build
  • UV stable for a weather resistant finish

See Our Shrink Wrap in action

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

The heat shrink wrap works great. Just as advertised and the color is great also.

Justin T.
Great for 3/4” but less so for 1/2”.

I was using it to make a telescoping support pole for some display walls on my art festival setup. I had no issues with using it with 3/4” conduit.

But the 1/2 conduit was more difficult. My first attempt the shrink wrap split when I applied heat to the creased side. Just applying heat to the non creased sides seemed to fix that on my next attempt. But it shrank so much it left some exposed conduit on the ends. Not a huge deal for this build because it would be covered my the fittings but still annoying. I was making two sets so the next time I added an inch of extra shrink wrap on both ends. It still wasn’t enough. You might need a full two inches of slack to avoid this problem.

In the end it looks nice and professional when in use. I plan on using it to cover some painted conduit that is starting to look bad and scratched up.

It would have been nice if it came with some instructions to go over some tips and best practices especially for 1/2” conduit. I think I would have given it five stars if that were the case.

Robert G. (NJ)

Only purchased a piece of heat shrink to see what the quality was.Very nice/plenty of glue/shrinks nicely and heavier than expected. Probably one of the best out there.

Joseph J. (NV)
Great product

Works great. Took a little bit of learning on my part but once I got the process down, it was very easy. Only hiccup was the website wouldn’t let me order 5 pieces the 2nd time around. Luckily I needed just 4, but would have not been happy to pay to ship an additional single piece. All together a good experience.