Maker Pipe Minis | 3D Modeling Connectors

If you can model it, you can build it! Maker Pipe Minis are a simple and fun way to plan your DIY pipe builds. These small scale replicas of our connector system are made of plastic and pair with off the shelf coffee stirrers. 3D modeling your build with Maker Pipe Minis allows you to see what connectors you need for your project. The mini connectors make the same connections that the regular connectors make so you can plan out your build exactly. One pack includes...

  • (16) Mini T Connectors
  • (8) Mini 90 Degree Connectors
  • (4) Mini 180 Degree Connectors
  • (4) Mini 45 Degree Connectors
  • (4) Mini Adjustable Angle Connectors
  • (4) Mini 135 Degree Connectors
  • (2) Mini 4 Way Connectors
  • (2) Mini 5 Way Connectors
  • (25) Mini Pipes (Coffee Stirrers)

*Your first Maker Pipe Mini pack includes a coupon for $5 off a future purchase. (Limit one coupon used per future order)

Maker Pipe Minis


  • 3D printed
  • Connects to off the shelf coffee stirrers
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to plan your build easily


The planning stage of a DIY pipe build can be difficult. We wanted to make planning just as easy as building with Maker Pipe so we created these mini connectors. Coffee stirrers fit easily into the open ends of the connectors easily so you can learn building techniques that translate to the real thing. If you have a 3D printer you can get the stl files for free down below and print your own.

Mini Connectors

Made in America

How To Make It | Bin Storage

Modeling A Pipe Desk

Download the files to print your own

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Casey (NV)
Great Product

As a visual guy this product worked out great. I spent a ton of money in the past putting projects together to find out I didn't like the way the project looked or turned out so I would change certain aspects of it. Now with this product I am able to visual the product before I buy a bunch of things I don't need. Thanks Pipe Maker!

Marina K. (SC)
Pays for itself!

Great for someone like me who still uses pencil & paper to figure things out and yet, still buys more than they need. Yes, you do have to clean the fittings/pieces & sometimes you don't have enough for a big project.

John H. (IN)
Love these - just one small problem.

These are ideal for mocking up a project or showing a person (wife) what you have in mind before you start. I can get an accurate count on what connectors I need to order before I even start the project.
The problem I have is scaling a project to size using the 6 7/8" long stir sticks. What I need is this same stir stick cut 10" long so one 10" stick = one 10' piece of conduit. If I had access to these, building mock-ups to 1"=1' scale would be extremely easy.

If anyone knows where I can find these, please post the information. I would be most grateful.

Kyle R. (VA)
Great for tossing together ideas

I found playing around with the mini connectors was a little easier than figuring out everything in CAD software. Really handy. Be aware that these are 3D printed so you might need to clean them up a little to get the straws in.