August 21, 2021 3 min read

The All New Adjustable Angle Hinge Connector!

EMT Conduit Adjustable Angle Connector


Hello everyone and thanks for checking out the blog! Here at Maker Pipe we provide parts and accessories that allow you to build pretty much anything out of EMT Conduit. We are really excited to announce the new Adjustable Angle Hinge Connector for 3/4" EMT Conduit! 


Adjustable Angle Structural Pipe Fitting


We have been working on this one for quite a while and it’s finally here with some cool features and special uses that I think you’re going to like.Like the name suggests, you can achieve pretty much any angle with two conduit pipes  which opens up a lot of possibilities for projects and solves some design challenges. Let’s get a brief overview of the connector and then check out the special features.


Adjustable Angle Overview

Adjustable Angle Connector Deconstructed


The connector is made of steel and consists of four pieces. These two pieces clamp on to the end of a terminating pipe. Let’s call this part the end clamp.The other two pieces have an interlocking puzzle piece design just like the T and 45 degree connector. We like to call this top half the puzzle piece clamp and it secures a through pipe that can be positioned any way you like. 

All four pieces are coated with the same durable automotive e-coating as the other connectors so it is perfectly capable of being used in outdoor builds. All four pieces have the nut pocket feature which allows you to assemble the hardware on either side with a single tool. 


Unlock New Angles

Set Angles From Before


Up until now the angles you could achieve in projects were limited. You could use the 90’s, 45’s, or 180’s to have a set angle or use T Connectors rotated around the through pipe to achieve custom angles which is a neat trick but the two pipes aren’t in the same plane so it doesn’t solve every problem.

The new adjustable angle gives you the ability to secure pipes at any angle up to 90 degrees in both directions. This will be helpful when you need to add supports or braces to a build that need to be at an unusual angle. If you do a full 90 you can potentially run two pipes parallel which is cool. Once you have the desired angle you can fully tighten the nuts and bolts to secure the pipes in place or you can use the adjustable connector to make a hinge which we are really excited about.


Designed To Also Work As A Hinge

3/4" EMT Conduit Hinge 


We designed the puzzle piece clamp to have enough grip on the through pipe while still being able to hinge if the hardware is partially tightened.As you can see there are a few possibilities with the complete connector, but if you separate the two halves you can do some cool things too. 


Add A Secure Mounting Point

 3/4" EMT Conduit Mounting Point


The terminating clamp can be used to add a mounting point to a build. Secure it like normal over the pipe then utilize the open hole as a mounting point for whatever you may need. 


Securely Mount 1/2" Flat Materials

Puzzle Piece Clamp Securing 1/2" Wood Top


The puzzle piece clamp of the adjustable angle was also designed to securely hold ½” flat materials to pipes. Lock the puzzle piece in place around the conduit then slide in your ½” material to the desired depth then drill a hole through the material and use the supplied nut and bolt to secure it all together.


Don't Worry, Get What You Need

End Clamp Pieces

We will sell the adjustable angle connector altogether, or you can buy the top and bottom parts separately if you just need one and not the other.The adjustable connector will come with all the hardware needed to assemble it as well!



We can't wait to see how everyone from the community uses this new versatile connector in their projects! If you need help with a project, definitely reach out to us through email, phone, or on the community. Thanks for reading and happy building!