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Six Creative Garden Projects Made From EMT Conduit


Maker Pipe Monday Introduction


Every week we look at customer builds that have been submitted to us through email, social media, reviews on the website, and our Maker Pipe Connect Community Page. We feature these creative builds in a weekly YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 6 builds for the spring season, including 2 solutions for creating door hinges. Without further ado, let's get into it!

DIY Grow Pond Trellis


DIY Grow Pond Trellis


The post starting us off this week is by Nancy, who made a trellis for her aquaponics farm. She built the frame out of conduit and T Connectors, and it can be taken apart easily when the season is over. The plants pictured will soon be transferred to grow bags and placed in the ponds, where they will continue to grow. We're glad to hear this project worked out well. Thanks for posting, Nancy! 


DIY Garden Enclosure

 DIY Garden Enclosure

This garden enclosure frame was built by David, who built it to keep the deer and squirrels out of his wife's garden. He used conduit, 90 Degree Connectors, 4-Way Connectors, and a 5-Way Connector in the center of the frame to connect it all. Now all that's left is to add some chicken wire. We'd love to see how it turns out. Thanks, David! 


DIY Hoop House (Mixed Kit Review)


DIY Hoop House


Our next build comes from a review by Alan for our Mixed Kit. He replaced the unstable wooden base of his hoop house with 3/4 inch conduit, adapter shims, 90 Degree Connectors, and T Connectors. The hoops were bent to form a 52 inch radius and greenhouse plastic was held to the frame with clamps and wiggle wire. Alan is also working on a 8 by 3 foot house for his tomatoes. Thanks for the review!


DIY Garden Trellis 


DIY Backyard Trellis


Our next post is from John, who built his first Maker Pipe project, which is a trellis for his cucumber and squash garden. He used 4 90 Degree Connectorsfor the corners and T Connectors to add the middle bars. John also sustained his first injury from the sharp end of an EMT pipe, which is an important reminder to be careful when handling them. Best wishes to you and your garden John, and thanks for posting!


DIY Gated Garden Enclosure #1


DIY Gated Garden Enclosure #1


Often times when community members are making enclosures out of conduit, one problem presents itself. That problem is creating a door or gate that can open and close properly. Marie has created a viable solutionto this problem by using PVC couplers that you can find at your local hardware store. She drilled one side to secure it to the frame, which allows the door in the other side to swivel freely. Because her door is quite tall, she added two of these. She also added a latch to the door. It's always great to see solutions created with simple and inexpensive items. Thanks, Marie! 


DIY Gated Enclosure #2


DIY Garden Enclosure Solution #2


Peter has created another solution for his shorter garden enclosure. This solution allows for the complete removal of the gate in addition to being a hinge.  


DIY Garden Gate Solution #2


Here's how it works: a piece of 1/2 inch conduit is bolted to the frame, and a threaded nut insert and stud are inserted in the top. If you aren't sure how threaded nut inserts work, we explained it in detail here if you'd like to check it out. Then, a similar pipe setup is bolted to the door, but this pipe has a bushing on the bottom that is placed over the stud on the other pipe. This setup allows for both the swinging of the gate and the complete removal of the gate by lifting it up and off of the stud. Peter used two of these setups for a stable gate door. It's another smart solution with simple materials. Thanks for posting, Peter! 


Comment of the Week


Comment of the Week 

We always love to see your comments, so please keep sending them in. This week's featured comment is on our "Custom Built Goat Trailer Helps a Unique Business!" YouTube video. Tau Mag wrote "Thank you! This was a great interview. Congrats to G.O.D's thriving business - very creative!" They also asked for the Google Drive link, which we will be sure to provide. Thanks for the comment! 



Seeing all of these builds is the highlight of our week, and we appreciate you sharing with us! If you'd like to share your own build you can do that via email at, via social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course, you can share it to the Maker Pipe Connect community page as well. The video version of this week's showcase will be listed below. Thanks and happy building! 

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