May 01, 2024 2 min read

Now In Stock: EMT Conduit Hinges & Gate Latch

Last year around this time we had the privilege to check out custom 3D printed hinges and a gate latch that were designed and sold by a community member named Billy. They worked really well and I've since recommended them to nearly every customer that has asked for hinge and latch recommendations. You can still purchase them directly from NorthWoods Engineered, but we're also excited to announce that they are officially available on the Maker Pipe website as well! Below you will find some more details about each accessory and how to install them.

EMT Conduit Hinges

There aren't many options for hinging EMT Conduit which is a common problem that builders have especially in the Spring when gardeners are making DIY fences and enclosures for their plants. This is why Billy designed his own 3D printed hinge solution.

They are made specifically for 3/4" EMT Conduit which has an outer diameter of .922". The hinges are made up of two mirrored pieces that join and rotate thanks to a 1/4-20 bolt. The hinges are printed from PETG which has a high UV resistance and holds up well in outdoor applications.

The installation is pretty straightforward but does require an electric drill. You'll need to use a 1/4" drill bit to add a hole completely through the conduit in your build. Then you'll use a 7/16th wrench to secure the hinges in place with the the included hardware. I think the order that Billy did it in his original explanation video makes sense. Put the gate side hinges on first and hold the gate up in place so you can mark where the holes in your structure need to be drilled. Billy's drilling jig is really handy for the installation.


EMT Conduit Gate Latch

The gate latch pieces will come disassembled because you'll need to install the two pieces on your build before adding the latch bolt and latch handle. You'll follow the same process as the hinges to install the gate latch.
EMT Conduit Gate Latch
Drill a hole in the desired position on your gate and secure the latch bolt housing (bottom left in picture) in place. Close the gate and see where the bolt lines up in the latch guides (top right in picture). Mark the position and drill a hole for the latch guide piece. Once both pieces are secured in place you can add the latch bolt and handle.


Accessories like this are what make the Maker Pipe community so great. Billy saw a common challenge that builders face and set out to create a viable solution that works like a charm. Thanks to Billy for allowing us to carry these on the store. If you have any questions, give us a call at (843) 245 - 9747. Until next time, happy building!