December 03, 2020 3 min read

November Build Of the Month Entry Round Up


Every month we run a Build of the Month contest where makers from our free DIY community share their projects for a chance to win a Maker Pipe prize pack! Four great builds were entered into November's contest and were going to review each one!
Let's get into it!

Rowing Shell Cart

Rolling Kayak Transport


The first build we have to showcase is Kristen's rowing shell transportation cart. Rowing shells are heavy, long, and fragile which makes them hard to move around. Kristen wanted a way to move her shell from her house to a lake down the road. She couldn't find a solution that would work like she needed so she set out to build it herself.


Frame For A Kayak Transport


Kristen purchased a kayak cart for the stern of the rowing shell and needed a way to carry the rest of the shell and oars etc. She made this custom rolling transport. To do this she creating this frame that incorporates bends to keep the shell from getting nicked during transport. She also added plumbers pipe insulation to add more cushioned protection for the shell.

The shell is supported by a hanging bungee system that acts as a sling. The next obstacle was adding wheels big enough to handle the half mile trek. To accomplish this she used a caster set bigger than the one we offer and used our caster inserts to attach them. The whole cart is connected with 180 degree and T connectors. It looks fantastic and it gets the shell to the lake safely and easily.


Mobile Planter Box

Glowpear Mobile Planter Box


Our second build was submitted by Randy. He built this mobile cart for his glow pear planter boxes. Out on his deck he had some glow pear planter boxeswhich are made up of a doubled walled plastic and built in water reservoir. Those features combined with the plants and soil makes these boxes very heavy. Randy thought about screwing casters straight into the box, but that would puncture the water reservoir which is no good. So he opted to build these rolling carts instead.


DIY Glowpear Planter Box


Randy shared the design details. "The frame is designed to be as simple as possible using as few parts as possible. I went with a single horizontal pipe at 20”, four legs that nest under the overhang at 10.5” and pipes from front to back at 12.875”. They are held together using just four Maker Pipe components: 2 90s and two T connectors. Pipes are wrapped in black heat shrink."


Honda Element Overlanding Canopy

DIY Camping Canopy For Overlanding


Next up is Enrique's custom awning system that he built for his family camping trips. He wanted a simple canopy that would block the sun and give his family some shade while eating or hanging out. The canopy extends out from the top of the car and is measured 6' by 8'. He used a series of T Connectors to make the frame for the canopy. They are used to make 90 degree elbows in the four corners. This creates the rectangle frame for the sunshade. Since the connectors clamp around the pipes he can easily loosen the connections and take the canopy apart for transport.


Lean To Deck Canopy

Lean To Deck Canopy


Last but not least we have another build from Randy. He built this awesome canopy that extends over their treehouse deck. He used a series of connectors and bimini hinge brackets. The Bimini brackets are made up of two interlocking pieces. On one side he used a spring pin for a quick release solution.


Top Down View Of A Custom Deck Canopy


Here's what Randy shared about the design. "Total size is 24’ x 10’, mounted 9 feet high on house side, 6 feet on railing side.We got lucky in that this section of the deck is exactly 8’ wide. The 10’ EMT overhangs the railing perfectly.


Marine Bimini Hinge Brackets


The design is made of 5 sections, each 10 feet wide from house to rail. The sections are 4, 6, 4, 6, 4 in that order, measured on center of the pipes so a 24x10 tarp fits perfectly (tarp trade sizes are 6 inches shorter in each dimension to account for bungee tie mounting). Thanks, Maker Pipe!"


Thanks for checking out these four great builds that were entered into this month's Build of the Month contest. Be sure to check out their posts and show some love. You can follow this link to vote for your favorite, and be sure to share your build for a chance to win. Thanks for reading and happy building!