March 15, 2021 3 min read

Making For Social Good and Other Fantastic Community Builds

Maker Pipe


Every week we take a look at costumer builds that have been shared through email, social media, the community page, and reviews to the website. We do this in a YouTube series called Maker Pipe Monday. This week we have 5 great designs shared by makers in the community.
Let's get started!




DIY RV Loft Bed


Our first post is an RV bed that was posted to the community page by Jim. He and his wife needed a sleeping solution for their 5 year old during travel, so they created a mini loft structure on top of the bed already in the RV. 


DIY RV Bed Closeup


The cot frame was made out of conduit, T-Connectors, and 180-Degree Connectors. It's built high enough so that the couch can fold up without hitting the cot. It's a great solution and makes for an easier travel experience. Thanks for sharing! 


DIY Car Seat Wheelchair Mount


DIY Wheelchair Carseat Mount


Our next project is a really interesting story. It was posted by Matthew, who teaches a high school class called Making for Social Good. Two members of the community, Jeremy and Chelsie, are expecting a child (congratulations!). Jeremy uses a wheelchair due to balance issues after surgery, and needed a way to safely push a stroller around. 


DIY Wheelchair Stroller Mount


Matthew and his students got to work designing an attachment that was safe and maneuverable, and can be used in indoor areas and on level ground. After creating a few different designs and making some adjustments, they decided on a final design. The attachment is made out of conduit, T Connectors, 45 Degree Connectors, and velcro. They conducted a weight test to make sure it would remain stable, and tested it's maneuverability on the wheelchair. The students did a great job on this project and fulfilling a need for a product like this, and we'd love to see an update when the baby comes! Thanks for sharing this story with us! 

DIY Adjustable Solar Panel Stand


DIY Adjustable Solar Panel Stand


Our next post is by Christopher, who's built many things with Maker Pipe and explains his builds (including this one) on his YouTube channel, SerendipitySue. His most recent build is a foldable solar panel stand. He uses the panels when he travels, but he needed a way to use them at home, too, so he created a stand out of conduit and T Connectors. He also used his 3D printed crossover connector design, which can be found here. Thanks for sharing another great build, Chris! 


DIY Angle Grinder Rack


Angle grinder rack


Next up we have an angle grinder rack made by MKE Gadgets, another community member who posts creative videos on his YouTube Channel. He made a rack for his angle grinders and die grinders out of conduit and T Connectors, and showed the setup in a video. It shares a lot of useful knowledge and is worth checking out. Thanks for sharing! 


DIY Kayak Cart Reinforcements 


DIY Kayak Cart Reinforcements


Last but not least we have a post by Craig, who shared his project on the community page. He bought two kayak carts that unfortunately broke after the return period. After researching some ways to repair them instead of throwing them away, he came across Maker Pipe. He used T Connectors to reinforce the tubes and make the cart useable again. 


Kayak cart reinforcements


Craig also decided to do a total rebuild of the second cart. He used two T Connectors as well as shims to make a cart that better fits the hull of his Kayak. It's great to see that these carts could be saved from being thrown away. Thanks for posting! 




Another great week of builds, and we appreciate everyone sharing them with us. If you have a project to share you can do so through email at, or social media with the #makerpipe hashtag, and of course you can share on the Maker Pipe Connect community page. If you want to see the video version of this weeks showcase it will be listed below. Thanks and happy building!