May 31, 2021 3 min read

Live And On The Air!


Minis Build Livestream


We love connecting with our community. Without the interaction and input from the community we would just be a pipe connector company, and that's not why we're here. Maker Pipe was created so people could finish their project and solve their problems easier while helping other makers at the same time. With that in mind we are always trying to think of more ways we can interact with you the community. Our most recent venture is live streaming!


What Is Live Streaming?


Random Project Generator


We upload videos three times a week, but other than comments and likes we don't really get to interact with the audience and community. Live streaming adds another layer to video creation. You get to see us live in real time and interact with us directly by commenting. We can see the comments and chat or answer specific questions. Another benefit to live streaming is the video will always be up on the channel for anyone that wants to go back and see it. We will be live streaming every Wednesday night at 9 P.M. Eastern. Last week we had our very first live stream and here's how it went.

Live Stream 5/19/2021


Jake Livestreaming The Intro


This week being the first ever we wanted to do something fun. Earlier in the day I posted a video on TikTok that I am calling the random project generator. It is a compilation of a couple hundred builds from the community all moving really quickly. The idea is you pause the video and get your random project!
For this stream we took the random project generator and paused it on a random build. We landed on a cement chute posted as a review by a community member, and decided to recreate it with Maker Pipe Minis!

The Build


DIY Cement Chute


The cement chute is a very unique build, and very cool! Julius shared the story behind the project as well as photos and a video of it in action.He is building a retaining wall and decided to invest in a cement mixer to make quick work of the wall construction. One issue Julius had was figuring out where to put the mixer and how to run the cement into the wall. He came up with this chute system that uses Maker Pipe and conduit as the support frame.

Community Chat

Live Chat


As mentioned earlier the main purpose of live streaming is the interaction. Of course the Mini build was fun to do and if you're interested in making something similar the Mini model will help with some inspiration and planning.
The best part of the stream was the interaction that the community had during. During the stream U Do It, On The Grow, IronHead Biker, Linda, D.H. Vargas, Steve, And Michael all dropped in to say hello in the chat. We chatted about geodesic domes, motorcycle riding, hydroponics, Maker Pipe wipe out courses, and all kinds of fun stuff! You can go back and watch the live stream here, and if you want to see the live chat as it happened just toggle between "top chat" and "live chat".


We are really excited to continue live streaming and interacting with the community. If you are able to tune in, we go live at 9:00 P.M. eastern every Wednesday nights. If you can't make it, you can always watch the recording on the channel under "past live streams" on the main channel page or under playlists.We hope to see you in the next one!