May 28, 2023 3 min read

Revolutionize Your Garden With These DIY Trellis Designs

DIY Trellises Made With EMT Conduit & Connectors

Gardening is a passion that brings joy to many. It's a hobby that not only provides a sense of accomplishment but also beautifies our everyday surroundings. One of the essential elements in a flourishing garden, especially for those who love climbing plants, is a trellis. In this blog, we'll explore two DIY trellis designs shared by Kevin, that are perfect for every garden.


The Art of Gardening with DIY Trellises

Green bell pepper or sweet pepper growth in modern greenhouse

Kevin, an avid gardener for the past five to six years, recently moved to a home where he finally had plenty of gardening real estate and sunlight. With his newfound gardening space, he built two beautiful trellises using EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe Connectors. These DIY garden trellises are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, adding a unique charm to his garden.


The Box Trellis: A DIY Trellis for Climbing Plants

DIY Climbing Plant Support Structure

The first design is what we'll call the 'Box Trellis.' This design is common among gardeners who have a garden bed and want to build a box around it. This simple box design is achievable with as little as four of the Maker Pipe 90 Degree Connectors. This box or cube shape is a perfect foundation for climbing plants of all kinds. Kevin's box trellis is primarily for tomatoes. He has strings coming down from the top, and as the tomatoes grow, he plans to pull off the sucker leaves and guide the plants vertically.

EMT Conduit structure laying on the ground during assembly

The height of the trellis is eight feet, a measurement Kevin determined by laying down next to the pipe and extending his arm up as tall as he could reach. This is a great idea to simulate picking vegetables and ensures that you won't build the trellis support structure too high and out of reach.


The Vertical Wall Trellis: A Custom Design

DIY Vertical Wall Trellis Made With electrical conduit and clamp style connectors

The second design is the 'Vertical Trellis.' This design is unique in its structure and purpose. Instead of boxing around the garden bed, Kevin built a wall that runs directly through the raised bed. The vertical trellis houses two squares for cherry tomatoes on the two outer edges. Kevin bent cattle panels into L shapes and combined two of them together to create a heavy-duty cherry tomato cage. In between the two outer cages, he incorporated a space for climbing plants like beans and peas.


The DIY Trellis Construction Process

Man building with pipes and connectors in the grass

Kevin used Maker Pipe Connectors and 14 pieces of 10-foot EMT Conduit for these two custom trellises. He meticulously planned out the types of plants he wanted to grow and how many of each, then broke down the two different designs based on the type of connector needed. He also painted the conduit and cattle panels before building, making it easier to apply the paint quickly.


Securing the DIY Trellises

How to secure emt conduit to garden beds

One of the challenges Kevin faced was ensuring the stability of the trellises, especially the vertical one. To overcome this, he used plastic-coated metal wire and eye hooks to secure the trellis to the garden box. For the box trellis, he used two-hole conduit straps to secure it to the inside edge of the box.


The Result

Custom garden trellises made with EMT Conduit

The result of Kevin's hard work is two beautiful and functional DIY trellises that not only serve their purpose but also add a unique charm to his garden. The box trellis will soon be a wall of tomatoes growing straight up, while the vertical trellis will house cherry tomatoes, beans, and peas.


Kevin's DIY trellis designs are a testament to the beauty and functionality that can be achieved with a bit of creativity and hard work. Whether you're an experienced gardener or a beginner, these designs can be a great addition to your garden. So, why not give it a try? Embark on your DIY gardening project today and of course, we're here to help if you need us. Happy gardening!

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