October 04, 2023 2 min read

DIY Marching Band & Color Guard Props

Have you ever brainstormed DIY marching band props or custom color guard visuals and wished for a versatile, easy-to-use material that simplified the whole process? Well, today's your lucky day. Dive into the world of DIY band props made possible with EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe building clamps.

Collapsing Tiki Huts

A marching band practicing their show with custom made props

This incredible show had an erupting volcano and tiki huts that collapsed mid-performance! Gary brilliantly combined EMT Conduit, wood, and our clamps to craft these dynamic props. This performance will be remembered by students and parents for years to come!

Versatile Backdrop Frames

a custom steel stand supporting a blue vinyl backdrop with pink diamonds

Paul's backdrop frames are a game-changer for any color guard routine or band performance because they can be utilized and adapted to fit any theme. These clever frames are also collapsible meaning they can fold up for easy transportation to and from games and competitions. 

Majestic Foam Castle

a DIY castle made from foam, wood, and pipes

Enter the world of fairy tales with Teressa's custom made foam castle. This creative prop showcases the versatility of EMT Conduit and building clamps. From the intricate and beautiful foam design to the clever use of our clamps, it's a homemade marching band masterpiece.

Giant Magnifying Glass

a life size magnifying glass on a custom rolling cart

I spy with my little eye, a super creative marching band prop! Paul made this clever rolling stand that supports a life-sized magnifying glass. You’ll notice the main cart is made from wood and EMT Conduit is used to support the magnifying glass as well as a custom box for hiding a rifle and other color guard visuals.

Incredible Bird Cage

a large custom bird cage mad with pipes and connectors

Bryan let his creativity out of the cage when making this amazing prop! He used a handheld pipe bender to easily add curves to EMT Conduit and then joined straight pieces to the arches with Maker Pipe clamps. The entire frame is painted gold and the final result is nothing short of incredible!


So, there you have it. Five incredible DIY marching band visuals and color guard props, all made possible with the help of EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe Clamps. Whether you're a band director, a color guard choreographer, or a parent who’s been tasked with prop creation, remember: it's not just about the materials; it's about the magic and memories that you’re creating with them. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have regarding your ideas and projects. Thanks for reading and happy building!