December 06, 2021 3 min read

Decorating for Christmas the Creative Way with EMT Conduit


As the holiday season draws near, many people are looking for ways to level up their Christmas decorations and bring even more excitement to the most wonderful time of the year. From epic light shows to cheery gingerbread houses, we're taking a look at creative ways members of the community are celebrating Christmas with 3/4" EMT conduit and Maker Pipe.


1. Holiday Lights Show Display 

 Tell Family Holiday Lights Show Post


The Tell family creates awe-inspiring light displays every year for Christmas, and last year, they used Maker Pipe for their display frames. It looks like they used mostly T Connectors to connect the displays throughout their yard and on the house, and you can see a video of the lights in action here. If you're looking to step up your Christmas lights game this year, building with conduit is a great way to go. Thanks for sharing, Jeffrey! 


2. Holiday Lights Display #2


Claudio's Christmas Lights Display Post


Here's another colorful lights display, which was shared by Claudio through email. They used T Connectors to make the base for the tree, a frame for the largest circle on the roof, as well as a 20 foot frame for snowflakes! The frames are holding pretty large decorations, so they need to be strong and reliable. Fortunately, that's exactly what conduit and the connecters holding it together are good for. Thanks, Claudio! 


3. LED Christmas Tree 


Bruce's DIY LED Christmas Tree


If you're looking to decorate for Christmas on a smaller scale, you might enjoy this treethat Bruce shared last year. The conduit was bent into a larger circle and a smaller circle for the top and bottom of the tree, and the middle of tree is comprised of 3 conduit pipes attached to the circles with T Connectors. LED lights are strung around the conduit, making a point at the top. 

The lights can change colors and are linked to a controller calledpixelblaze. This device acts as a wireless access point and allows the lights to be programmed and controlled from a webpage. This is a great project and we appreciate Bruce sharing it in the community. 

4. Holiday Lights Display #3


Raymond's Holiday Lights Display


Raymond was looking for a way to hang Christmas lights on the outside of his house without having to climb a ladder. He came up with the idea of attaching the lights to aframe that he could hang up from the ground . His early design was made out of PVC pipes and ½” EMT Conduit, but he said that was too awkward and heavy. He then found Maker Pipe and went to work creating a frame with our connectors and EMT Conduit. He used a mixture of45 Degree Connectors andT Connectors to create the framework and customized the size based on the windows that the frame was going around. He finished off the build by zip tying string lights to the frame and mounting everything to the house. Thanks Raymond for sharing your experience and solution with us!


5. Gingerbread House  


Kathryn's Gingerbread House Post


Kathryn recently shared this gingerbread house with us and it looks amazing! She made a base out of wood and from there she used EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe to build the framework for the decor. It looks like she used paper and other materials to finish off the outside and create a real life gingerbread house that looks good enough to eat! It even has built in lights for a night time show. Great job Kathryn and thanks for sharing it with us.


6. Holiday Lights Tunnel


Mike and Jeff's Holiday Light Tunnel


Mike and Jeff built this LED tunnel out of T Connectors and ¾” EMT Conduit. It is truly a sight to behold and looks amazing all lit up. I would recommend checking out the and seeing the lights in action. They made a series of panels that connect together to create a tunnel complete with sides and a roof. They strung color changing LED lights throughout the panels and created an immersive light show around a sidewalk for people to walk through! Thanks to Mike and Jeff for sharing your project!




We love seeing all the festive and creative holiday builds from members of the community and we hope these projects inspired you. For more great builds, check out the Maker Pipe Connect Community and Facebook Group. If you need any help with your project, you can reach out to us by phone, email, or through the contact form. Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas!