August 31, 2021 3 min read

5 Easy EMT Conduit Builds For Beginners

If you're new to DIYing, it can be intimidating to get started with building. Sometimes the best way to get confidence for projects is to start by making something small. Today we are going to look at 5 quick and easy builds that anyone can make out of EMT Conduit and Maker Pipe Fittings. Let's get into it!


Before You Build

Hand Tools Needed To Build


When building with 3/4" EMT Conduitand Maker Pipe, you only need a few simple hand tools. To cut conduit you will need a tape measure, marker, and a hand held pipe and tube cutter that you can pick up at your local hardware store or here on the site. If you need help learning how to cut conduit for DIY projects check out this video here.


Headphone Stand

DIY Headphone Stand


The first project I want to share with you is this simple headphone stand. If you're like me and your wired headphones take up too much space on your desk then this build is perfect for you. You only need four T Connectors in total and 5 total pipes. I made this one a little too tall, but you can easily customize the length of the pipes to fit your headphones and desk. Finish off the build with some of the rubber pipe feet on the exposed pipe ends to protect the surface beneath.


Bike Stand

DIY Bike Stand


The next build is another easy one, and it incorporates a building technique that is good to know. It uses four 90 Degree Connectors in an orientation that you don't normally see. Often times people use 90's to make desks and shelves like these. In those instances, the 90's are used flat so the center pipe can be continuous and run up through the middle of the connector. In this bike stand the 90's are pointed up which allows the two horizontal pipes to be continuous. To complete this build you need eight pipes and four 90 Degree Connectors. Just like any other custom project you can customize the pipe lengths to fit your space or bike size. To finish off the build you can add the rubber pipe feet to stabilize the bike stand and protect your floor in the garage or house.


Paper Towel Holder

DIY Paper Towel Holder


This build might just be the easiest of the five in this blog because you only need one connector to make it. Use a single 5 Way Connector to connect four pipes on the bottom to make a base, and then add a single long pipe in the center of the connector to hold the paper towels in place. Finish off the build with you guessed it, rubber pipe feet.


Step Stool

DIY Step Stool


This simple build is a great way to practice the skill of incorporating wood in your conduit projects. You need four total connectors for this project unless you want to add a couple of optional reinforcements which would mean eight total. Earlier I mentioned that 90's are often used in shelves and desks. The reason for this is pretty simple. A lot of builds start with a basic rectangle or square shape, and you can use 90's to make them.


DIY Step Stool


Make a rectangle with four 90 Degree Connectors and eight pipes total. Use four pipes horizontally and then four pipes vertically to make the legs. You can finish there or add two more pipes with T Connectors to add some reinforcement if needed. I had home depot cut the top piece of wood for me, but there are some other pre-cut off the shelf options available at big box stores. To attach wood to your frame you will use one hole straps and these screws. You'll also see a familiar accessory on the bottom of the legs... Add some rubber pipe feet to protect the floors in your house.


Shoe Organizer Rack

DIY Shoe Organizer Rack

This build may look familiar to you, and that's because it uses the same basic frame as the step stool. The only difference is the wooden top won't be used and you will add the two extra pipes with the T Connectors as pictured above.



I hope you found this blog helpful and encourage you to try one of these builds if you need some DIY confidence! We also covered these builds in a video that could be useful when working on them. Thanks for reading and happy building!