October 26, 2020 3 min read

DIY Halloween Decor & More Creative Conduit Builds

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On this weeks episode of Maker Pipe Monday we showcase 4 DIY conduit builds sent in by creative customers. This week features a pumpkin stick man, Polaris Ranger bed rack, DIY Go Kart, and a hanging bird feeder! Each build will be linked below if you want to find out more info from the builders.

Let's get into the builds!


DIY Polaris Ranger Bed Rack


DIY Polaris Bed Rack
Polaris Ranger Storage Rack


The first build we have this week is from Don. He built this bed rack for his Polaris Ranger side by side. He wanted to maintain the space in the bed so he built the rack elevated almost level with the roof. The rack consists of four 90 degree connectors to make a square with 4 vertical pipes running through the middle of the 90's down into the bed. Then he used T's to run 6 horizontal pipes across the rack to make up the shelf. He coated all of the conduit and connectors with a bronze coating that looks great. He finished off the build with plumbers foam around the pipes above the headspace. Awesome build and we appreciate Don sharing it with us!


DIY Halloween Stick Man Yard Decoration


DIY Halloween Stick Man


Scott posted this pumpkin stick figure man that he built for Halloween. He built it using a few connectors and EMT conduit. He made the legs using two T connectors that connect a horizontal pipe with two vertical legs going into the ground. From that pipe he ran a vertical pipe for the upper body using another T connector.


DIY Halloween Pumpkin Man Yard Ornament


He used a 180 degree connector for the arms and added 45 degree connectors for the elbows which was really clever! He added the jack o' lantern, chains, lights and foam noodles to finish of the build. It looks great in his front yard! Thanks for sharing Scott!


DIY Go Kart


DIY Polaris Bed Rack
Polaris Ranger Storage Rack


Next up is Mario's DIY go kart. He wanted to challenge himself by building a go kart using everything but commercial go kart parts. He also wanted to avoid welding the frame which led him to Maker Pipe and conduit as a solution for a no weld frame. He is using remnants of hover board for the motors and wheels along with all kinds of cool things like custom spindles and a bent EMT steering wheel. it is still a work in progress and we can't wait to see the updates. Check out Mario's post here for a full breakdown of what he is working on. Thanks for sharing Mario!


DIY Hanging Bird Feeder


DIY Hanging Bird Feeder


The last build from this episode is a hanging bird feeder that was sent in through email. This is a very simple build that allows you to hang a total of four bird feeders. The builder put a vertical pipe into the ground most likely using one these stakes to secure it. Then they used a single 5 way connector to run four pipes off that hold the four feeders using eye hooks on the ends of the pipes. They even added a bowl upside down to keep squirrels and other critters off of it. It looks like really nice and we appreciate the builder sending it in to us!



That's all the builds we have for this episode, but don't worry we will have more coming every week. We upload episodes every week on our YouTube channel then break the episodes down in a blog. We love showcasing the ingenuity and creativeness of our customers. If you have a build that you want to be featured you can post it in our free DIY community or send it to us through email. We would love to see it and showcase it in a future episode! If you want to see the video version of this episode you can watch it below! Thanks for reading and happy building!