June 28, 2023 5 min read

15 DIY Roof Rack Designs for the Adventurous at Heart

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for ways to maximize your vehicle's storage space? Or perhaps you're a DIY lover always on the lookout for your next project? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this blog post is for you.

We're diving into the world of no weld DIY roof racks, showcasing 15 unique designs from the Maker Pipe Community that you can make for yourself. All of the racks mentioned in this article are custom made by hand with commonly available electrical conduit and Maker Pipe building clamps. With these materials, you can make practically anything without needing to weld. Let's get started and see the possibilities!

Ford Super Duty DIY Roof Rack

DIY Ford Super Duty Roof Rack

Michael's design is a testament to the flexibility of DIYing a roof rack for specific needs. His custom made Ford truck roof rack is designed to safely haul hard-shell cases to and from job sites. He even incorporated wood into the rack for added style and function!

DIY Basket-Style Roof Rack

Custom Made Chevy Basket Style Roof Rack

Gilbert's design is a practical and straightforward basket-style roof rack. He made two identical rungs for the top and bottom of the rack and joined them together with short pieces of EMT Conduit and T Connectors. It's attached to the existing roof rails on his truck using off-the-shelf U-bolts, making it a great example of how DIY can work in harmony with existing vehicle roof rails.

Custom Promaster Solar Panel Roof Rack

DIY Pro Master Roof Rack For Camping

Joe's custom ProMaster roof rack houses solar panels, making it perfect for those long camping trips off the grid. The basket style design allows for plenty of storage and also includes an air dam which reduces road noise and adds to its functionality! We were fortunate enough to get a tour of this great roof rack. Read about it here or click to watch the interview on YouTube.

Honda Element Roof Rack with Built In Shower

Custom Made Honda Element Shower Roof Rack

Jason's design is a game-changer for those who love long, adventurous trips and like to be prepared wherever the trail takes you! His rack is made to hold a spare tire and emergency ramps, and even includes a shower that can be slid out of the back of frame and set up in seconds. Check out his Instagram for more details on this versatile camping roof rack!

Land Cruiser Roof Rack with Ladder

Custom Roof Rack For Land Cruiser

Mark's design is a two-in-one solution, featuring a ladder built into the roof rack. The rack is secured to the roof using brackets that secure in the window channel of the Land Cruiser, demonstrating how DIY solutions can be tailored to specific vehicle models.

Upgraded Roof Rack for Hauling Kayaks

Additional cross pipes added to a roof basket

Lewis's design showcases how you can enhance an existing roof rack that your vehicle has installed. He added a crossbar using T Connectors and conduit which create additional supports for his kayak and stand-up paddleboard.

DIY Jeep Wrangler Roof Rack

DIY offroading roof basket

Steven's design is a low-profile roof rack that he put together for his Jeep Wrangler hard top. He installed an L track tie down system similar to this on the hard top and then used metal mounting straps to secure the roof rack.

Custom Astro Van Roof Rack

Astro Van camper conversion with travel trailer and custom roof rack

This awesome roof rack comes from Hangin with Herky on YouTube. Their design includes a solar panel and lights mounted to the rack, making it a versatile solution for those night-time adventures. The rack is secured to the Astro Van's factory roof rails using metal straps and hardware. We recently heard from Ed that the rack is holding up great after many adventurous miles which is awesome to hear!

DIY Roof Rack & Canopy Combo

No weld toyota tacoma roof rack and slide out canopy

Christopher made this custom roof rack for his Toyota Tacoma. The design is perfect for those sunny camping trips because it has a built in canopy that slides in and out of the frame. He can use the rack to haul camping gear and other things to the campsite then open the canopy to get some shade!

Roof Rack Secured with Crossover Clamps

Vehicle roof rack secured with cross over clamps

Amy's no weld roof rack design is pretty similar to the others we have seen so far in this blog, but one awesome thing that sets it apart is the cross over clamps. These allow you to keep the conduit in your rack continuous while still securing them the frame to your vehicle's roof rails. If you make a custom roof rack for your vehicle and already have roof rails then this is the attachment method that I'd recommend.

Epic Baja Bug Roof Rack

Custom made off roading roof rack for baja bug

Jacob is an electrician by day which means he has some skills that come in handy for home projects with EMT Conduit. The DIY roof rack that he made for his baja bug is a testament to these skills. It has a lot of gorgeous bends and techniques that really make it stand out! He incorporated a spare tire carrier, lights, and a way to haul kayaks for those weekend trips to the lake. We interviewed Jacob a while back and got a live tour of his roof rack. You can watch it here.

Custom Made Classic Chevy Roof Rack

DIY Roof Rack mounted to a classic chevy

Terence put this roof rack together for his classic Chevy. He used specialty brackets to mount the simple rectangle frame to his roof. He spaced apart the pipes in the rack to allow for luggage and longboards to ride safely to the destination. He didn't want the shiny conduit to stand out on his truck so he used some rust effect paint to give the rack a vintage look!

DIY Roof Rack for Ford Econoline Van

Ford Econoline van with a custom roof rack made with conduit and connectors

Finding the perfect roof rack for your specific vehicle and needs is already challenging enough, but what if you're also working around a camper top? That's the dilemma that Bruce found himself in. To overcome this challenge he built a custom roof rack that elevates above the camper top and adds plenty of storage!

Roof Rack and Adjustable Canopy

Adjustable fold out canopy made for search and rescue vehicle

Rich and his furry companion Jake are on their local search and rescue team. Sometimes they sit and wait hours for rescue calls to come in. Instead of roasting in the sun during this time, Rich put together a roof rack that slides, rotates, and deploys into a massive oasis from the sun.

Camping Roof Rack & DIY Solar Shower Combo

No weld camping roof rack and solar shower

Nicole's custom camping rack extends the full length of her vehicle's roof and is packed full of features. The overall design is similar to others we've seen, but there are some small modifications that make a big difference! In the corners of the rack you'll notice that she used threaded pipe inserts and eye hooks to create tie down points for securing her camping gear. This is not only really smart, but also super useful because she can load down the rack and securely strap it all down for peace of mind on the trip.

You'll also notice that she added some cattle panels to the base of the frame which adds rigidity to the rack and creates a bottom support for the gear that she's adventuring with. Last but definitely not least is a solar shower that she custom made with ABS pipe and secured to the rack with U-bolts. Her roof rack is a great example of the endless possibilities that you have when custom making a roof rack of your own!


In conclusion, DIY roof racks made with conduit and Maker Pipe Connectors offer a flexible, cost-effective solution for increasing your vehicle's storage space. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a DIY lover, building your own roof rack can be a rewarding project that adds functionality and style to your vehicle. Remember, the only limit is your imagination. If you're ready to tackle your custom roof rack, read this blog next for a step by step guide!