T Connector

The T connector is our most popular structural pipe fitting and rightfully so. You get an incredible building solution at an affordable price. Designed to fit inexpensive ¾ inch EMT conduit which is readily available at your local hardware store. The T fitting allows you to easily connect two pipes at a 90 degree angle or use it as an elbow on the ends of conduit. The clamp design allows you to quickly change a connection while building or remove and reuse the connectors in a future project. This versatile tee fitting can also be adapted to fit ½ inch EMT when used with our inexpensive adapter shim.

Every connector features a steel construction and is e-coated in your choice between a sleek black or a conduit color matched silver. Both finishes are corrosion resistant which means your build is better protected indoors and out. Combine these connector features with the strong and durable nature of galvanized steel conduit and you get an affordable yet sturdy building platform.

*Hardware and extra friction bands are included with each T connector


T Connector Overview




The T connector consists of two mirrored pieces that interlock together with a puzzle piece design. The two pieces clamp together with one nut and bolt. The pocket feature locks the nut into place when tightening, this makes for an easy one tool assembly no matter which side the nut is on. Every connector comes with a pre applied friction band that makes connections even more secure.

T Connector Dimensions

Made in Ameria

T Connector as an elbow

See the T Connector in action

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Rick S. (TN)
Ho hum, another five star review

I’m embarrassed to leave a 5 star review because nearly every review is 5 star, but then that’s what it deserves. Shipped quick, made for a professional build with minimal hassle. Looks great; saved me *thousnds* of dollars on having a boat shop build a couple of custom pieces for me (I know, I priced them.) Terrific stuff. I will be using more.

Robert M. (IL)
Great Products

Built a bike rack for my pick-up. Wanted to buy something similar that cost $400 & was out of stock for weeks. Was able to build the same unit in a day and spent less than $100. Have already referred this product onto my son who needs to build something for his 3D Printers. This will be ideal.

Gary H. (OH)
Awesome products!

I am so glad I stumbled upon the Maker Pipe product! All of their connectors are robust and work well. I’m having fun building various projects with these fittings. Since the connectors are basically bolt on, changes are easily made if you are building “on the fly”. (I’m not big on planning. ;-). ) ,or if you need to correct a mistake in measurements. I have ordered so many of these connectors and will no doubt order more for future projects. The company is VERY customer oriented and the owner David is very helpful and personable.

Daniel K. (UT)
Easy, Fast strong

Easy to use, fast to put together. Worked great as a frame for my strawberry patch!!