Pro Kit

The Pro Kit includes 100 T Connectors & 1 Upgraded T Wrench.  This kit is for the building pro looking to outfit their garage.  Maker Pipe T Connectors are easy, affordable, and customizable.  These steel connectors are designed to be used with 3/4 inch electrical conduit (EMT).  You can stop by your local hardware store to pick up your conduit and get started.  This two piece connector fits together like a puzzle to hold in place.  Next put the inset nut in the hole and screw in the bolt.  Use a 5mm allen wrench to fully tighten. 

*Hardware and extra friction bands are included with each connector

Common Product Questions

Q. What material are the connectors made of?  
A. Our connectors are made out of 12 gauge steel

Q. Will the connectors hold up outside?  
A. Yes, we coat them with a UV stable epoxy that will last for many years.

Q. Are the connectors available in colors other than black  
A. Yes, we can coat them any color you may like. Please contact us for details.

Q. What are the shrink bands for?  
A. The shrink bands are used to give the connectors a better grip on metal pipe.

Q. What diameters of pipe will the connector fit?  
A. Our connectors are designed for 3/4" EMT conduit which is 0.92" outside diameter, but can accommodate sides between 0.90" and 1.00"

Q. What other types of pipe do the connectors fit?  
A. Our connectors can be used with any round pipe or tube of similar diameter. Aluminum tubing is one example.

Q. What tools are required to assemble?  
A. A 5mm hex key wrench are the only tool needed to assemble.

Q. Does the pipe need to be drilled?  
A. No drilling or modifying of the pipe is needed.

Q. Can I use the connectors on bare conduit?  
A. Yes, the connectors come with a shrink band to size it for bare 3/4" conduit. If you are using our shrink wrap on the conduit, simply remove the band.

Q. How strong are the connectors?  
A. Made out of steel, our connectors are strong. For many applications, they are an excellent balance of strength and cost. Quite often you can do amazing things with the right design. For extremely demanding applications, let's say like building a large bridge, it might be smart to go with another solution! Be safe in determining if Maker Pipe is right for your use, and please feel free to contact us.