Modular Pipe Fittings and Accessories

We are confident that our unrivaled modular pipe fittings and extras will facilitate the completion of your pipe project build.

Our structural pipe fittings are made of 12-gauge steel, protected with UV stable epoxy coating. This ensures that our products are strong and long lasting. Your project builds will look great for years, indoors or outdoors!

Simplicity is the name of the game, and we have emphasized this principle in the creation of our pipe railing fittings and accessories. Our modular pipe fittings offer simple design, making them great for any level of DIYer.

These are just some of the features and benefits of our simple yet elegant designs:

  • Single bolt assembly, allowing you or anyone in your tribe to complete builds with simple hand tools
  • Captive nut pockets. You only need tool for assembly!
  • No need for drilling, ensuring ease of building and storage anywhere
  • Locking puzzle piece design, which makes modifications easy and saves you time

Our pipe connectors and accessories do not compromise durability for simplicity. All of our products incorporate friction bands, which improve holding strength and allows you to use conduit bare or with shrink wraps.

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